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Donation Request

Donation Request

Donation Information

Crested Butte Mountain Resort believes in the responsibility of working with the citizens and neighbors of our community in order to support their economic, social and environmental well-being. It is our goal to fulfill as many donation requests as possible. However, each request will receive consideration based on the resort’s policies. Our guidelines are as follows:

  1. Due to limited resources, we prioritize local, non-profit organizations (Gunnison County, CO) to support where we live, work and play. Out-of-area organizations will be considered on an ad-hoc basis.
  2. Priority is given to organizations brought to our attention by CBMR employees and Season Pass holders.
  3. Requests must be received prior to one month from the date of event.
  4. We are proud to support organizations that are valued by our guests and employees and support our company values with a focus on: - Ski industry - Sports and recreation - Community health and welfare - Children and education - Social services - The environment - Community arts and culture If your organization has a mission statement, please include it in the "Tell Us Why" section.

Please email your request details to

Please anticipate a reply within 2 - 4 weeks from the date of your request and understand that we may not be able to issue the exact donation requested. Also note that we do require recipients of CBMR donations to report back to us with the value the item sold for at the fundraising event, if sold as an auction item. The organization requesting the donation will be contacted by email, regardless of whether or not the request is approved.