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Living here

Living here
Living here


People who live in Crested Butte, love living in Crested Butte. The locals are a part of community wide family, whether they are ski bums, ranch families, hippies, or the descendants of the original miners of the valley. Living in Crested Butte is special. Listen to the stories about living in Crested Butte, as told by these unique locals.

Caroline Singleton

Caroline can’t remember the first time she came to Crested Butte, it must have been sometime before her first birthday. Her grandparents built a ski home here in the 1960’s, when the ski resort first opened. Growing up, she would visit with her family. “I remember loving it here as a kid, it was a wonderland.” In college at CU Boulder, Caroline continued making ski trips to Crested Butte on weekends. After she graduated, she moved on a whim for the summer of 2009, and has been here ever since. Here, she loves being a part of nature, and going on adventures in the mountains. She loves the community here, how the locals are so friendly and open. When she first moved to Crested Butte, she asked a local why people here are so friendly. The answer, “People are friendly here because they are happy.” People who live in Crested Butte are happy in Crested Butte.

Allen Smith

Allen is a new-timer to Crested Butte. He moved here in August 2014. He had never visited the valley, but after hearing stories about Crested Butte from past coworkers and friends, he took the plunge and moved here as a couch surfer. Allen has traveled around the world, but he says that Crested Butte “is one of the places that just feels like home.” He is no longer a couch surfer, but was a long-term camper for summer 2015. Inspired by a legacy left by past locals, Allen was living out of a tent in the backcountry. “You can drive only 7 miles out of town and experience the most beautiful camping ever.” Living in the Colorado wilderness may seem scary to some, Allen even admits he was nervous at first about the bears and wildlife, but that feeling quickly went away. When summer came to an end, he found a permanent place to live. Allen says, “I love, love, love living in Crested Butte.”

Rebecca Bell

In September of 1996, Rebecca Bell came over the hill into the town of Crested Butte for the first time. She spent the week with a friend from college biking, searching for wildflowers, and watching a soccer tournament. “I remember thinking, this seems like a perfect fit, a perfect place to live.” Hailing from New England, Rebecca had come to Colorado in search of mountain living. 19 years later, Rebecca is a proud local and a mother of two. She still enjoys interacting with guests, remembering the reasons why she first came.

Erica Mueller

Erica first visited Crested Butte in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she moved here. After narrowly missing the 2010 Olympic Snowboard team due to an injury, she decided to move. She wanted to stay in Colorado, in the mountains, but more importantly Erica knew she wanted to be with her family. “I knew where I wanted to be. I got lucky that it happened to be Crested Butte, because I’m in love with the place.”

What Erica really loved about Crested Butte is the options for outdoor activities. She is an all-around outdoors sort of person. Whether that be hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, or simply being out with her dog. “I think there is something about the mountains and the outdoors that just rejuvenates my soul.”

This spirit of the outdoors is a value that runs deep in all CB citizens, and even the visitors that come. Erica thinks, “People are making a choice to be in Crested Butte.” There can be sacrifices that come along with that; there is no easy access to big chain stores and basic amenities, but as Erica points out, “You realize that a simpler way of life is almost a better way of life.”

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