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Taking Lessons

Taking Lessons
Taking Lessons


What is it like to learn how to ski? Or to master the art of snowboarding? Or in the summertime, being able to cruise down a single-track trail through magnificent wildflowers? Crested Butte is the epicenter of outdoor adventure, and anyone visiting has the chance to experience adventuring the Elk Mountains. Whether you want to learn the basics so you can carve turns on groomed terrain or aspire to master the expert-level extreme terrain, the Crested Butte Ski and Ride School and summer mountain bike guides can accommodate all skill levels.    

Camp CB, for the youngsters, offers private lessons as well as group lessons for ages 3 and up. Don’t forget, kids 6 and under ski free! Private and group lessons are also available for adults. And, in the summer, both children and adults have a variety of mountain bike lessons to choose from!   

Learning the world of outdoor rec doesn’t have to end after childhood. Kathryn Kissam and her husband, hailing from Baton Rouge Louisiana say, “We didn’t start learning to ski until we were in our 40’s, but our kids learned with us, so it has been such bonding moments of celebrating the accomplishments together.”

Kathryn, her husband, and their three boys first started coming to Crested Butte in 2010. In a “wildhair” decision, the family bought a condo in Mountaineer Square, at the base area of Crested Butte. Ever since then, the Kissams have been coming to Crested Butte for all major holidays to spend time as a family, and in the process, learning to ski and mountain bike. “My kids are just so proud of what they’ve learned to accomplish and it’s been fun watching them each year as they get older being able to do more things and see more of the mountain.”

What the family has experienced has been so much more than just learning the skills. In the process, they have created and maintained amazing relationships with their instructors. Kathryn says, “The memories with the instructors are just so real and relationship driven as well as learning to ski in the process. The instructors have been mentors and friends to our kids and to us, as well as being ski instructors.”

Cole, Kathryn's oldest son, says “I’ve never skied anywhere else, and I’ve never wanted to. The ski instructors here are so friendly. I’ve got instructors numbers in my phone who I text all the time. The relationships have become so close.”

One instructor that has become particularly close to the Kissam family is Woody Lindenmeyr, who taught the boys to mountain bike. Cole says Woody “is like an uncle!” Woody, the Director of Mountain Sports at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, has fun passing on his passion for sports onto a new generation. He can see the passion for outdoor recreation in the kids he teaches. The Kissam boys look up to him, and their other ski instructors with whom they’ve grown close to.

And that’s the goal of all the ski, snowboard, and bike instructors at CBMR. Dan Healy, the director of children’s programs, sums it up: “That’s what we are trying to do here, build relationships, while teaching kids an understanding of the outdoor recreation world.”

Whether you’re planning a lesson for your child or you are a kid at heart, lessons here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort are not only educational, but fun and memorable!

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