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Working Here

Working Here
Crested Butte Mountain Resort Employment


Meet the Team! 

Becoming part of the Crested Butte Mountain Resort family means more than living in a stunning location and the opportunity to be outside every day, it means working with incredible people who share similar values and passion for the Gunnison Valley. 

What we truly enjoy about our work is sharing our passion for being in the mountains and working side by side with fun-loving, dedicated people. 




Meet Caroline at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Meet Caroline! 

After visiting Crested Butte in college Caroline knew she had found a special place. From skiing with friends to taking in the ambiance of downtown, the trip was memorable and life changing. While working in Colorado Springs, Caroline realized she had a passion for the hospitality industry and when it came to choosing a place to start her career, the fond memories of Crested Butte influenced her decision to make a move. Once here, she worked her way up to front office manager at the Lodge at Mountaineer Square. She loves that CBMR attracts individuals who want to do something different with their lives other than the status quo. “Priorities are different here” Caroline muses, “People don’t care about labels, what you drive, or what school you went to. Here, we care about what you hiked, what you skied and what adventures you’ve experienced.” Working here allows Caroline the freedom to participate in daily outdoor activities that most people have to travel hours to enjoy. She’s turned a dream vacation into a lifestyle of adventure. 

Meet Matt at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Meet Matt! 

Matt came to CBMR with 7 years of experience in the ski industry and applied his skills to several departments before assuming his current role as Director of Planning and Sustainability. Matt started his career here in skier services, and in doing so, found an organization he felt good about working for. From there, he worked several summer seasons in Bike Patrol and progressed into management of our Guest Services department. While he describes Bike Patrol as, “the funnest job you can have”, he loves that his current job affords him the opportunity to help create a vision for the future here at the resort. He strives to make CBMR a better place to visit and come to work. “There are lots of intangibles working for CBMR that are of great value to your personal happiness,” reflects Matt. Living and working in the Gunnison Valley gives him the ability to raise his family in a great community that places an emphasis on being outside and having fun. 

Meet Greg at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Meet Greg! 

Greg is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado. He grew up skiing, biking and loving the outdoors. After graduating college at CSU, Greg knew he wanted to move to Crested Butte and spend his free time skiing the steeps. He applied for a job as a lift operator, packed his bags, and drove out. He loves his job because it lets him share his passion for the outdoors with not only guests, but with people just like him who decided to pursue their passion by working at CBMR.  Nowadays, when Greg isn't on the clock, working as a lift operations supervisor, you can catch him skiing big lines, riding his mountain bike, fishing his personal sweet spots or having dance parties with the rest of the lift ops crew because, "Every time I get off work it's like I'm on vacation."



Meet Ellie at Crested Butte Mountain ResortMeet Ellie! 

Ellie grew up in Boulder, Colorado and would come to Crested Butte every summer to race mountain bikes. During college she transferred to Western State and graduated with a degree in business. Ellie realized she’d rather spend her time outdoors and knew that she didn’t want to leave the Gunnison Valley. It was time to find a job that fit into her lifestyle. Ellie came from a long line of ski patrollers, and after applying for a patrol job at CBMR found herself continuing the legacy. Now Ellie works Ski Patrol in the winter and Bike Patrol in the summer. She says, "I love working for Crested Butte because it gives me the work life balance I was looking for. My favorite parts of my jobs are the skiing, biking and the team I work with... Every day is a great experience, every day I learn something new and every day is different."


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